Hello! My name is Georgie Dell and I’m the sole creator behind makoha designs. Every piece you find on my website has been handcrafted by me in my humble studio by the beach on the Mornington Peninsula, Victoria.

I first found my love for jewellery whilst completing a final for school in 2018, where my task was to design a brand and product. I learnt the basics of silversmithing and eventually designed a jewellery brand by the name of makoha and made my first rings. My passion grew even stronger in mid 2020 when I decided to expand my skills and sell my pieces.

Ever since then I have become obsessed with the empowerment of creativity through jewellery. I believe each piece constructed comes with its own individual story, hence why every piece is one of a kind.

Having spent my whole life living by the beach, the beauty of nature has always been at the forefront of my inspiration. Whether that be expressed through the hand-picked sea glass or the natural pearls and opals, I am constantly being influenced by the environment around me.

My obsession for experimenting and creating is something that brings me so much joy, the thought of allowing individuals to express themselves through makoha jewellery is something that continues to inspire me every day.